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Oh God

In many ways Kush evokes images of crazy, drunken, toothless hillbillies drinkin' shine and carryin' on.

For starters, it smells like straight up pine, and this aroma matches the very earthy and delightful taste.

To help you understand Bubba Kush, I'll just give you a free flow of thoughts describing it:.........Oh, GOD dammit I'm stoned


Lola Kush

Ever get the sense that you're being lied to? "Oh, dude! This is _________ kush. Aw, brah. Nah. It's flame, man."

"Bullshit," I always think, "this bud looks good but the enthusiasm is annoying. The bud can't be that amazing." So often this is the story that plays out.


Master Kush

If you are a weed virgin and someone pulls out a sack of Master Kush you have one of two options:

1:Smoke Pure Kush and get so gahdamn high that you most likely vomit.

2:Wait for a weaker strain so you can have a fully appreciable smoking experience.



Is Watamelon the best strain I've ever had? Hard to say. It may be the strongest I've had,and I have smoked some of the best chronic in both America and Canada.

If you ever run across it, FUCKING BUY IT. Don't even pay attention to the price.Take out a loan from Nana or whatever, cuz any serious smoker cannot miss a master strain like Watamelon.



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