Black Cherry

Written by Administrator.


Different weed strains represented different personalities, Black Cherry would be a sexy Woman. Yeah, a sexy, dark haired, salacious…oh, shit. Uh, more on that whole woman thing later. Or should I continue? No, I’ll wait.  When I first saw  Black Cherry , I could hear her siren-like call: “Smoke me, Mr 5 star. Smoke me and let me inside you…”Uh, again TMI—sorry, it’s just that  Black Cherry  is the bomb.This particular bud I have is so dry and dense that I should probably use a cheese grater to break it up. The bud is just gorgeous—purple accents, dark orange hairs and a chestnut-colored dusting of thick trichomes. The smell is sweet like…well, like  Black Cherries .

But the thing that makes  Black Cherry  one of my all-time favorite smokes is the incredible high. Whether it’s thick smoke or thick vapor, this marijuana strain delivers a punishingly potent punch to the lungs.As soon as the high from  Black Cherry  hit me, I felt like moving. Rafting or riding a bike would have been great, except I live in a city, I smoked it at 1:30am and I don’t like rafting or biking that much. I can tell you that playing Call of Duty on  Black Cherry  is intense. Basically, 

Black Cherry  is one of my favorite strains I’ve ever had. It has a sweet smell, a subtle, airy taste and a perfect, centered high—these are but a few of the reasons that make  Black Cherry  a MUST HAVE strain.


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