Black Tuna

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Our Flagship Product : The Black Tuna-Our revolutionary, pharmacist developed and approved THC product is second to none. With Black Tuna, you will be off your sleeping pills in record time highest quality, highest absorption rate of any THC product. Black Tuna will definitely be a quick and repetitive seller .

General Information5star Organic_CLASSIFIED

Black Tuna

Type: classified 

Genetics: classified 

Geographic Origin: classified 

Seed Company/Clone: 5 Star organic

Description: Top strain for medical users and blowers that are looking for that extra punch which they havent found in the past years. This smoke can be to strong for some users!


Story: In 1979, a joint DEA/FBI task force in Miami immobilized the Black Tuna Gang, a major marijuana smuggling ring responsible for bringing 500 tons of potent marijuana into the United States over a 16-month period.

The strain Has not been on the market till NOW....Story Here U.S.D.E.A Time Magazine Black Tuna Diaries

Growing Information

Flowering Time: classified

Preferred Growing Medium: classified

Patient Expectations

Scent: Spicy, at times with a slightly putrid smell

Flavor: Spicy,intoxicating

Effects: This fabulous indica with many fine qualities will be renowned and loved world-wide. Because of the high thc content and the narcotic effect, Black Tuna is will be used as a medicinal cannabis strain. The extremely compact flowers are covered with trichomes and the smell is intoxicating


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