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* ALL 5 STAR ORGANIC PACKAGING COMES WITH BAR CODE,LABLES & Holograms, Security Stickers or Tamper Evident Seals

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Our Flagship ProductThe Black Tuna-Our revolutionary, pharmacist developed and approved THC product is second to none.With Black Tuna, you will be off your sleeping pills in record time highest quality, highest absorption rate of any THC product. Black Tuna will definitely be a quick and repetitive seller .

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THE BLACK CHERRY is a cross of two Shishkaberries, which are themselves a Blueberry / Stinky Afghan cross, noted for their cherry-flavored smoke."Berry" strains are usually dark, strong indicas with sweet flavors.

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Another of the fabled, almost lost cannabis strains is Jamaican Lamb's Bread (often confused with Jamaican Lamb's Breath). Jamaican Lamb's Bread is getting increasingly difficult to find in Jamaica


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