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You hear such claims from almost everyone, and yet no one can actually deliver that "freshness" quality.


Most packaged Medical Marijuana as sold in the Canada do not preserve the aromas and tastes developed at the time of picking, which sensual properties the consumer wants.

The reasons for this are several, and their deficiencies are varied, as will be explained.

In order to know how far packaged Medical Marijuana tastes differ from that of freshly picked, one has to be able to distinguish fresh picked from various stages of bagged for weeks. In other words, one needs an objective scale on subjective taste impressions.

Because tasting is a subjective testing method does not mean that a freshness scale cannot be established. In fact such a scale can be made using a group of qualified tasters.


The qualified tasters cannot be “off the street”, they need to have a reasonable amount of pertinent taste experiences in the Medical Marijuana trade over at least several years, and their judgments need to be in harmony with the others by and large. This is not a place for mavericks or people who have an agenda that biases their taste impressions, and believe it there are people in the trade with biases of various sorts.

Tasting “freshness” is of course influenced by the Medical Marijuana used, the type and degree of the grower, the kind of strain, and the time frame from birth to cutting, and the manner of clipping. For example.

The different tastes from different origins are diminished rapidly from the time of cropping. Note that the easily differentiated tastes just after cropping are not


 available to the consumer from the average grower. So offering a dozen, or more choices, does not offer distinguishing tastes, which only are revealed “just” after cropping, and constitutes a consumer fraud, that’s why we can


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