De La Soul /Black Tuna

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Maseo of De La Soul proceeds to express his appreciation of Vancouver’s finest “black tuna” and “green crack” from

The Commodore Ballroom was host to a muggy Saturday night that had the legendary De La Soul packing in a sold out crowd, filled with hip-hop heads and newcomers a like. With perfect introduction by Chin Injeti and his crew oozing with soul and funk right off the bat. Joined by two band members and 2 upbeat back-up singers, the crew added a higher level of hype that paired well with the beat boxing maniac, Chin himself; even throwing in a little Kool and the Gang for all to “Get Down On It”.

De La started things off with a bang. These dudes have been in the rap game for a minute but make no mistakes these old dogs know how to get a crowd in the mood faster than you could say 1989. Maseo made his way to the stage first while demanding the crowd give it up for the DJ. A little self acknowledgement never hurt nobody and lord knows if you gonna give it up, this is the DJ to give it up for. As the crowd grew wild the boys joined Mase on stage making it known immediately that they would not be satisfied until every hand in the building was in the air. Opening with “Grind Date” the guys took their places and flowed together in perfect hip-hop harmony. This party was bumpin’ before it even began. After everyones favorite “Stakes is High” the guys traded places on stage while Pos took over the DJ booth, Maseo grabbed the mike spitting grimey rap lyrics with managing to keep in tact the same charm the makes De La Soul so unique.

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Pos and Trugoy dominated opposite sides of the stage commanding a war of hype working the crowd like buoyant puppeteers. “Either you’re hip-hop or you’re bullshit” shouts Trugoy with a giggle while Maseo proceeds to express his appreciation of Vancouver’s finest “black tuna” and “green crack” leading into old favs like “Pot Holes in my Lawn” and “Me, Myself and I” from debut album 3 Feet High and Rising. Playful stage presence and innovative wordplay of “Saturday” had fans blowing the roof off with excitement while Pos had to get his own feeling for the crowd by jumping right in. “Ooh” and “Forever” kept the party going at just the right tempurature.

The evenings crowd was more than satisfied and greatly appriciative .These guys truly know how to put on a show for their die hard fans and make loyal followers out of the new comers. So really, Del La Soul ain’t dead. They’re more alive than ever and kickin’ it the west coast. 

By Kassandra Guagliardi Full story Here


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