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5 Star Organic Inc"Just cause it's in a can.... That don't make it 5 STAR"

Providing Safe and Compassionate Care To Home Bound Patients.

The 5 Star Organic Compassionate Care Delivery Service (CCDS) is Vancouver Canada's premier medical cannabis delivery service collective for qualified patients and primary caregivers who insist on the highest medical grade cannabis, hashish and edibles.

At 5 Star Organic we strive to provide our members with a wide variety of effective strains, outstanding customer service, safe and passionate care to all of our home bound patients.

You must first become a registered member of our collective by completing the online registration form or if you prefer, we can register you over the phone by calling (778) 707-6050

We began with the belief that everyone in pain or who has severe health issues should be allowed safe access to medical cannabis with a doctor's approval. Shaman, healers and spiritual leaders have used cannabis for 100′s of years.

Our collective facilitates the delivery of medical cannabis (marijuana) to our verified patient network in Canada. We take great pride in our service, and ability to assist patients that need our services. It is our goal to provide medical help to those that due to issues with transportation, health, and distance cannot make it to a dispensary to obtain their medication.

In order to become a member of, an applicant must first submit a confirmation of diagnosis from their practitioner. Depending on the medical condition, a recommendation for the use of cannabis may also be required.

Your health care Practitioner (Physician, Naturopath, or Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine) must complete our Practitioner’s Statement, stamp it and fax it to us from her/his office. We also accept Health Canada MMAR authorizations.

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Carbon dioxide (CO2)

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Carbon dioxide (CO2) is used by plants in photosynthesis, or the conversion of water, atmospheric carbon dioxide and light in the plant’s chloroplasts into food energy (simple carbohydrates), with oxygen as a byproduct. Resins and saps in the plants stems and branches then transmit this food around the plant to promote growth, reproduction and prevention of disease.

Paper Towel Germination Method

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This germination method is mainly for new growers or anyone having difficulty germinating seeds.

Everyone is invited and welcome to use this germination method.

This germination technique is similar to many methods, but this is the way that I get 100% Germination every time.


-Seeds.  Of course.

-All white paper towel,three to four sheets. No toilet paper or any kind of paper towels with inks/dyes. Just plain white.

-One ziplock sandwich bag.I use the double seal ones, any airtight ziplock will do fine.

-Purified/filtered, or bottled water.I use Fiji bottle water, It has a ph of 7.0. Any good purified or filtered water works.

-Heat source. You can use the top of a CRT monitor or a heating pad or even near a heater… I use a heating pad with a bathroom towel on top of the heating pad. That way they stay nice and warm and dont get cooked. You can buy a seed germinating heating pad at almost any hardware store that has a garden center.


Step 1: Fold paper towel just enough to fit into the ziplock sandwich baggie.

Step 2: Moisten the whole paper towel with bottled water or purified/filtered water. Do not over saturate paper towel, it should be fully wet but not dripping.

Step 3: Open the paper towel one fold, put seeds into middle and then close paper towel over seeds. Try not to put the seeds to close to each other.

Step 4: Stick paper towel and seeds carefully into baggie.

Step 5: Seal the baggie most of the way, blow some air into the baggie and then seal it up the rest of the way.

Step 6: Stick baggie on-top of anywhere nice and warm, 70- 80F, just don’t cook the lil buggers… 48 hrs max.

Never fails.


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